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Claude Rossignol   (U.S. Citizen)
Desire a position in software development that includes possible hardware development and systems integration - preferably in a team environment. Other interests include embedded Linux, firmware development, biomedical engineering, aerospace, storage systems, digital design, web development, marketing, consulting, and client/public interaction. My goal is to work at a competitive company where I can help make creative ideas become useful real-time solutions while still fulfilling the company's business and marketing goals.
University of Colorado at Boulder  (1992-2002) -- Coursework goes toward a Bachelor of Science (see my diploma) in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECEN). I also had 2 years of coursework in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) prior to changing my major. The following completed courses are relavent to my course study:
Fordham Preparatory High School  (1988-1992) -- in Bronx, N.Y.
Work Experience:
Intel  (9/7/12-present) in DuPont, WA -- Contracted through Oxford Global Resources. Firmware development for new Enterprise Server platforms. Job duties include:
  • upgrading BMC firmware for new features and platform design changes
  • testing and fixing all power management components
  • ensuring proper BMC and Node Manager communication through the IPMI and web interfaces
  • following Agile Scrum development methodologies and using git/Repo source conrol tools with yocto build managment
Dell  (10/12/11-8/28/2012) in Austin, TX -- Contracted through Connecttel. Updating and developing Chassis Management Control (CMC) firmware for the next generation of Blade Servers. Job duties include:
  • upgrading CMC command line utility and web GUI (XML/XSLT/JavaScript) for new Blades and chassis configurations
  • testing and validation of FlexAddress Plus MAC address distribution for chassis components and blades
  • fixing and fine-tuning chassis cooling and power control and Blade server power distribution
  • following Agile Scrum development methodologies while using Subversion and Repo source control tools
Lockheed Martin Space Systems  (04/11/11-08/31/11) in Littleton, CO -- Contracted through Systems Pros. Testing Command and Data Handling for the GOES-R Spacecraft. Job duties include:
  • testing all hardware interfaces (including Spacewire and 1553) using Python scripts
  • ensuring all spacecraft telemetry and earth communications function
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies  (12/01/10-02/28/11) in Indianapolis, IN -- Contracted through Systems Pros. Testing and consolidating all code for next generation locks. Job duties include:
  • automating testing applications (Python) for a lock simulator (C#) and the actual lock hardware
  • standardizing and streamlining all the code for all the corporate lock models
Embla Systems Inc.  (1/25/10-11/12/10) in Broomfield, CO -- Contracted through Aerotek. Embedded Linux development for sleep diagnostic products. Job duties include
  • fixing signal processing errors during impedance testing of electrodes connected to the patient
  • troubleshooting communications (McBSP and I2C) and RTOS (DSP/BIOS link) issues with the DSP, the main sleep-study device, and the beside units (N7000/S4500).
  • C and C++ development (using CCS and Eclipse IDE's) on a Ubuntu developement platform for TI's OMAP3530 applications processor (ARM + DSP)
  • completing and maintaining a C++ web/CGI program that allows users to update and configure their sleep-study device over the internet
Covidien  (8/24/09-12/1/09) in Boulder, CO -- Contracted through Aerotek. Firmware development for blood pressure and pulse oximeter devices in the Respiratory and Patient Monitoring Division. Job duties included:
  • programming the PIC24F for SPI communication with onboard ADC's and USB communication with a PC application
  • timing the communication of system components in an interrupt driven operating system
  • algorithm development for improved PPG signal processing through oversampling and use of a differential amplifier (offset and gain)
  • characterizing and writing calibration software for critical on-board components (DAC, ADC, PGA)
Cintron Technologies Inc.  (2/10/09-6/5/09) in Denver, CO -- Contracted through Aerotek. Analysis and redesign of an electrosurgical generator. Job duties included:
  • producing a detailed flowchart of entire interrupt driven operating system for indepth operational analysis
  • fault tree analysis of software according to strict FDA regulation (CFR-820)
  • documenting Software Requirements Specification according to IEC standards (IEC 601-1 and 601-2)
  • support for the PIC24H and PIC18 Microcontroller using the MPLAB REAL ICE emulator and HI-TECH compiler
  • writing a windows software interface to monitor and configure the generator RF output using MS Visual C++
Salvador Imaging Inc.  (2/12/08-8/15/08) in Colorado Springs, CO -- Supported CCD camera development and testing as an embedded firmware engineer. Job duties included:
Skyline Products Inc.  (5/20/05-9/06/07) in Colorado Springs, CO -- Worked as firmware engineer/software developer to provide a hardware and software solution allowing gas stations to update their fuel prices with our automated price signs. Over 150 units of this product have already been sold and are currently operating in the field. Job duties included:
  • finding the lowest cost solution (PC104 installed with embedded Linux) to manage communication between our gas pricing software (PriceAdvantage), the station's POS system, and our price signs
  • finding a software solution that provides a touchscreen user interface allowing the store clerk to enter competitor prices, change price signs, and troubleshoot problems
  • assisting senior engineers to develop low level programs (in C) that communicate with our automated scroll signs and our new LED signs
  • working with contractors to develop a web service communication between the store hardware and the PriceAdvantagesoftware
  • troubleshoot, test, improve, and add new features to the touchscreen application as requested through sales, management, and customer feedback
  • maintaining and improve a CGI application that can be used to configure the store harware upon installation and remain syncronized with our PriceAdvantagedatabase
  • upgrading the store harware to a more cost effective and maintainable hardware platform - a mini-ITX platform packaged into an easily deployed and configured enclosure (WYSE thin client)
  • providing documentation allowing anyone to continue development and meet ISO 9001 requirements - including design docs
AeroCopter Inc.  (8/01/03-5/19/05) in Andover, MA -- Worked as consultant and contractor to develop software simulation tools and control systems. Job duties included:
  • developing programs to interface with NASA's publicly available simulator in conjunction with AeroCopter's internal programs
  • completing Java airfoil simulation program optimizing various aerodynamic parameters for different rotor configurations and geometries
  • consulting on autonomous unmanned flight control algorithms
  • consulting on CG wind tunnel simulation software for Mono-Tilt-Rotor concept
PhotoSense LLC  (6/15/02-6/15/03) in Boulder, CO -- Worked with company president, Nathan Baltz, on various tasks involving sensor development and computer work. Job duties included:
  • benchmarking and development of digital filters on the TI TMS320C28x DSP processor using algorithms in C and Assembly languages
  • calibration and maintenance of sensor testing equipment
  • running various temperature, pressure, and degradation tests on the optical oxygen and temperature sensors
  • creating MATLAB programs for coefficient generation and to plot results of various tests
  • assembling and soldering components onto circuit boards including layout using Mentor´s PADS design software
  • network support, installation of new computers and equipment, support for all Windows machines
  • chemical formulation of my own sensor material combinations
  • testing spectral output of various LED's
  • documenting procedures and organizing test results
Imaging Systems Laboratory  (8/28/99-5/12/00) in Boulder, CO -- Assisted graduate students with various tasks including research and computer work in the lab. Job duties included:
  • providing support for network and all Macintosh and Windows machines
  • programming and digital signal processing for optical equipment
  • setting up new computers and installing new programs
  • creating web pages that illustrate the work done in the lab
  • finding supporting materials to aid the grad students' research
Techo Inc.  (6/28/99-7/29/99) in Prague, Czech Republic -- Assisted the IT department management in the maintenance of a computer network. Techo inc. is an office furniture producer that provides solutions to corporate office architecture and design. Job duties included:
  • providing support for over 100 Windows 95/98 machines
  • assisting all employees with the various Microsoft programs
  • maintaining the network (LAN) connection to Novell, Windows NT, and Linux servers
  • installing and updating the latest antivirus programs
  • completing a Y2K audit for all company computers
Envirotest Systems Inc.  (7/8/95-11/29/96) in Boulder, CO -- The nature of work included the inspection of vehicle emission components, use of mainframe computers for vehicle processing and payment, driving the customer's vehicle on a dynamometer, use of cash register, and basic customer service.
Team Marketing Services  (2/22/95-5/10/95) in Boulder, CO -- Telemarketing sales using an automatic dialing computer.
Han Lab  (9/25/92-5/15/94) in Boulder, CO -- Assisted in lab work for cancer research. Maintained lab, sterilized glassware, produced various chemical solutions, and prepared culture plates. Familiar with sterile technique and use of the Geiger counter for work with radioactive chemicals including the use of safety equipment in a Biohazard area.
HLC Industries  (5/24/93-8/06/93) in Detroit, MI -- Inspection of fuel line components, assembly of various engine products, performed high pressure tests on fuel lines, and general use of heavy manufacturing machinery such as high pressure crimping equipment and special belt/rotary saws for cutting steel tubing.
  • Completed an embedded Linux based touchscreen device to communicate between fuel pricing software, fuel price signs, and a store clerk/POS system at Skyline Products Inc. This device consisted of an Elo touchscreen attached to an Arcom PC104 platform that was later upgraded to a WYSE mini-ITX platform - both using Qt Embedded based GUI software.
  • Developed a Java airfoil simulator for AeroCopter Inc.
  • Completed a security personnel monitoring program at Level(3) Communications.
  • Built a biometric hand identification scanner from scratch for my group senior project (Capstone Lab). The final working product, completed within 4 months, went on display on December 19, 2002 at our Capstone Expo.
Programming Skills:
Object Oriented Programming, C/C++, Qt/Qtopia, Java, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, Unix/Linux shells, Matlab, and Mathematica as well as assembly programming for the TI TMS320, Motorola 56000, and Intel 8600.
Other Skills:
Network/server administration, TCP/IP networking, Web design, Unix/Linux operating systems, Telnet, FTP, vi, Adobe Photoshop, Micromedia Flash, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Mathematica, Matlab, and rebuilding/repairing desktop computers. Use of an oscilloscope, multimeter, and logic analyzer. I design web pages in my spare time and currently maintain several websites -- all my wesites are hand-coded and most comply with XHTML Strict DTD rules. Although less relevant, I had restaurant experience working in notable Colorado restaurants such as Trios Wine Bar and Grille, Chatauqua Dinning Hall, and the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant. I also did volunteer work at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City helping to rehabilitate victims of brain and spinal cord injuries. I am also fluent in the Czech language.
Member of Alpha Phi Omega (a community service organization) and the Society of Venture Engineers. I also enjoy running, climbing, snowboarding, tennis, fishing, hiking, kayaking, traveling, and motorcycle off-roading. I also enjoy fixing things in general -- currenly rebuilding my motorcycle.
All addresses and telephone numbers of my past employers are available upon request.